behind the former KFC, Lexington and University

behind KFCOf the many acts of vandalism found along University Avenue by far the most prevalent is that familiar to all populated areas, graffiti. Political statements, truths, symbols, fragmented pleas, and senseless defacements abound, some lingering for months, others quickly, if not messily, disposed of. The most common scrawls are simple names, presumably pseudonyms, repeated along the Avenue in dizzying numbers. Though rarely formalized by the addition of Mr. as above, one will encounter countless examples of Beker, Booze, and Traumatized to list just a few. On days when I am feeling less than charitable I view these tags as nothing more than the stupid and callous acts of children. On others though I am awed by this arms race, this strange compulsion to stake claim, ownership even, over a vast swath of the city that can, by turns, feel mean and forsaken. I am here too.